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Umbrella Rice Bran Oil
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Refined Rice Bran Oil

When it comes to cooking food for your family, you choose the best way of making it, and the best oil to cook with. Refined Rice Bran oil is considered as the world’s healthiest oil. The absence of Trans Fat and the presence of a wealthy amount of antioxidants, vitamin E complex, and other micronutrients make refined rice bran oil the best for human consumption. Another advantage that refined rice bran oil carries with it is that, it is hypoallergenic – the perfect choice for those who seem allergic to other cooking oils. Strongly matching the American Heart Association (AHA) recommendations, it is the most balanced oil that can serve multiple purposes.

Rice Bran Oil

Wherevercooking oil is used, Rice Bran Oil is an ideal replacement for it. From deep frying, to topping on salads – in a healthy way –Rice Bran Oil adds the perfect flavor to it, along with making it light and easy to stomach. Due to its low viscosity, the absorption of oil drops, resulting in an overall lesser amount of calories. This makes it especially useful for those who suffer from cholesterol problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil

Having the knowledge of betterment of health, yet, the vast choices provided by the market make it difficult for people to choose the most desirable option. But here’s the experience speaking – Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil is being presented to you, assuring its guaranteed quality, as the best caretaker of yours and your family’s health. It is widely used, in a number of countries like, China, India, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil has been tested for the presence of all essential nutrients, and is 100% pure oil.The Tocotrienol in this oil contains a 1200-2000 ppm of ORYZANOL. It is amazingly helpful for lowering cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases. It has also earned the fame due to its ability to enhance the flavor of the food cooked in it.

Comparison of Smoke Point and Balance of Fats in Some Commonly Used Oils
Oil Type Smoke Point Mono - Unsaturated Fat Poly - Unsaturated Fat Saturated Fat
Rice Bran Oil 490º 45% 37% 18%
Olive 360º 77% 9% 14%
Canola 450º 58% 36% 6%
Peanut 460º 48% 34% 18%
Soybean 440º 24% 60% 16%
Grape seed 485º 14% 77% 9%

Comparison of natural antioxidants in edible oils
Oil Type Vitamin E Tocopherol (ppm*) Vitamin E Tocotrienol (ppm*) Oryzanol Total Natural Antioxidants (ppm*)
Rice Bran Oil
2,000 2,417
0 51
0 650
Sunflower Oil
0 487
Soybean Oil
0 1,000
Palm Oil 256 149 0 405
*ppm. stands for parts per million 

Nutritional Facts
(Approx. Composition per 100gm)
Energy Value 899.7 Kcal
Fat 100g
Saturated Fat
Mono unsaturated Fatty Acid
Poly unsaturated Fatty Acid 35g
Trans Fatty Acid 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Calcium 0.7mg
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