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Why Rice Bran Oil

Why Rice Bran is superior compared to other Oils?
Rice Bran Oil is naturally enriched oil comprising of essential nutrients like Oryzanol, Tocopherols and Tocotrienols and also a reasonable percentage of fatty acids compared to other popular oils. Probably, the only oil that reduces bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. As it has no trans-fats, it is very safe for regular consumption.
Lighter the colour of oil, the Healthier it is, is it true?
It is myth that colour less oil is healthier compared to dark coloured oils. The Fact is once the oil is refined, it is safe to use. One should choose the cooking oil based on the health benefits rather than the colour of the oil.
What about the quality factor of Umbrella Rice Bran Oil?
Umbrella Rice Bran Oil is manufactured in a state-of- the-art plant and since the manufacturing and the packaging unit is in the same location, it ensures better quality than most other oils. There is no chance of any adulteration or leakages.
Does Rice Bran Oil alter the taste of the food?
No. Rice Bran Oil is a superior cooking and frying oil which does not leave any lingering after taste.
Is Rice Bran Oil cost effective?
Rice Bran Oil absorbs upto 15% less oil into food while cooking; therefore it is more economical as the oil required for cooking is much less when compared to other oils.
Does Rice Bran Oil protect or enrich your skin?
Yes, Rice Bran Oil contains Squalene, Which is an anti-wrinkling agent. It also contains Vitamin E, which enriches your skin. In fact, women in Japan use RBO on their skin to make it more supple and radiant.
How good is the shelf life of Rice Bran Oil?
Rice Bran Oil has a very high oxidative stability, thereby a good shelf life.
Can Rice Bran Oil be reused after cooking or frying?
Rice Bran Oil has a very high smoke point which prevents fatty acids breakdown. This in turn makes the oil useable even after multiple cooking or frying. However, it is recommended that oils should not be reused.
Is Rice Bran Oil used only In India?
Rice Bran Oil is extensively used through out the world and is popularly known as 'Heart Oil' in Japan and 'Health ON' in Western countries.

Rice Bran Oil comes closest to the stringent recommendations by World Health Organization (WHO) & American Heart Association (AHA).

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