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Rice Oil In India

Historically, Rice Bran Oil has been leading the edible oil industry in India due to its lower cost and availability. Apart from this, India as one of the leading rice producers ensures easy availability of rice bran, an important part of rice bran oil. Immensely popular as a healthy and affordable cooking oil,

Rice Oil in India

is widely used in frying and cooking various Indian dishes.

Over the years, the growing popularity of Rice Oil in India as well as across the world has come about due to its being labelled as a very healthy option for cooking. Solvent Extractor's Association of India (SEA) has disclosed that Rice Bran Oil is the only vegetable oil that contains 'Oryzanol', a chemical that helps burn fats, reduce bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol and improve immunity and heart health.

Currently India is regarded as the world's largest Rice Bran Oil producer producing around 8,20,000 tons of rice bran oil annually. One of the most important Rice Bran Oil producers in India is Hyderabad based Sanjay VegOil, a leading rice bran oil manufacturer that offers 100% refined Rice Bran oil of two kinds, Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil and Gold Coin Refined Rice Bran Oil. Each is compatible with both low heat as well as high heat cooking. They also possess the right amount of oryzanol, unique micro-nutrients and natural antioxidants. So good and popular are they that food cooked in them not only tastes extremely good but also offers a light and neutral flavor that are a delight to one's nostrils.

Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil

There are many varieties of Rice Oil in India that line the shelves of super markets, but the

benefits of Rice Bran Oil

far outweighs all other oils put together. Both Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil and Gold Coin Refined Rice Bran Oil like other famous Refined Rice Bran Oil brands, reflect this aspect, offering rich benefits of Rice Bran Oil as:

  • The right amount of an anti-oxidant called oryzanol that provides cholesterol lowering properties, helping reduce cholesterol formation and absorption effectively.
  • Significant levels (approximately 500 ppm) of tocotrienols, a powerful natural antioxidant, belonging to the Vitamin E family. This helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.
  • The right amount of fatty acids that meets the criteria limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National institute of Nutrition (NIN) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • They contain no trans fatty acids and is naturally low in saturated fat.
  • Rich dosage of oleic and linoleic fatty acids.
  • High heat stability which ensures that they don't break down into toxic compounds under high heat.
  • Less viscosity which means that the food absorbs less oil which in turn reduces the oil content and the caloric value of the food eventually making it healthier.

As the healthiest cooking oil, Rice Oil in India is used for cooking, frying, salad dressing, baking and even in some cases, in soap making. The many nutritional benefits of Rice Bran Oil and other plus points like the most ideal fat composition, smoking point and frying stability, truly stamps it as as the world’s healthiest edible oil that is a worthy buy in the truest sense of the word.

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