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Rice Bran Oil Brands In India

Rice bran oil is now commonly considered an integral element of a healthy lifestyle. It is proven to be full of vitamins, nutrients and many antioxidants. It is basically an oil type extracted from the inner husk of rice. It has a high smoke point which makes it ideal for intense temperature purposes such as deep frying etc. In India there are a total of 11 types of Rice Bran Oil brands available with the various retailers, mostly found in all the main cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Each of the type has a different

Rice Bran Oil price in India.

Rice Bran Oil Brands

The high-quality rice bran oil brands available all over India are Umbrella Refined Rice Bran Oil, Gold Coin Refined Rice Bran Oil. Both the brands perform extremely well on quality parameters and safety standards. The brands come under the refined category which means that they purified and any suspended particles, Toxics, flavor components, color, odor etc. are removed thereby giving pure, safe and clear oil.

Consumption safe Rice Bran Oil Brands

All the types of Rice Bran Oil Brands conform to the Eco mark requirements for toxic metals such as lead, mercury etc. hence they are safe for consumption purposes. The rice bran oil brands are also free from any pesticides or chemicals so you need not worry now before purchasing any of the premium quality rice bran oil brands in India and can check for the best Rice Bran Oil prices in India. Under the test performed for physiochemical parameters such as oryzanol, saponification value, iodine value, acid value, refractive index, flash point and specific gravity, all the brands are well within specified limits. There is no presence of hexane or mineral oil. These brands also meet the requirement of ideal limit of aflatoxins making it safer and a healthier option than regular cooking oil. Thus, it can be said that in order to maintain a healthy, pure and a balanced life, the use of rice bran oil has become essentials in today’s world.

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